Cyber Monday: Get your iGeneration gadget groove on

Gallery: Now that Cyber Monday is upon is, here are two galleries running through the best and the worst products, services and gadgets the Generation Y should need to keep ticking over until at least Christmas.

So we've had Thanksgiving (well I say we, I mean you), and suffered through Black Friday, and now Cyber Monday is upon is.

Well never fear! Hopefully before you reach the end of the month and get your bank statements through, you would have bought some sensible products, services and gadgets which will keep you ticking over through your remaining university days.

In this short post, I offer you kind people a selection of Generation Y-focused bits and bobs to buy, as well as the ones to avoid during your spending spree.

Gallery: 10 things to get for Cyber Monday

To have a perusal through ten things you should think about getting to bump up your Generation Y status, including some obvious things and even some free stuff, check out the gallery.

Gallery: 10 things to avoid on Cyber Monday

To brief yourself on ten things you shouldn't get on Cyber Monday - the stuff which will help you lose your Generation Y credibility, then head over here and check out this gallery.

If there's anything you are dying to buy for yourself that isn't included on either gallery, by all means leave your suggests on each one. At the end of the day, if you want to share your great product suggestion with the community, you could be doing your fellow citizen consumer a favour.

Happy Cyber Monday!