Cybercrime attacks spread to non-PC internet devices

With the proliferation of non-PC-based internet devices, cybercriminals are finding new ways to exploit users

In an era where the use of non-PC internet devices is taking off, consumers now have more entry points to access the web. These access points and the various devices used represent, in turn, multiple playgrounds for cybercriminals to exploit for financial gain, according to a security expert.

David Hall, regional consumer marketing manager for Symantec Asia-Pacific, said with the increase in entry points and users spending more time online, the opportunity for cyberattacks to occur increases significantly.

He illustrated the scope of the threat by citing an IDC report, which stated that there are over 10 billion non-PC devices that connect to the internet today and the number is expected to grow to "almost 20 billion by 2014". These non-PC devices already outnumber PC workstations by "five to one", he noted in an email.

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