Dell expands Hybrid Client service, connecting more PCs to hybrid management tools

The client computing software accommodates a more hybrid approach to work.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Dell on Tuesday announced it's expanding Dell Hybrid Client, client computing software that gives users seamless access their applications and data -- whether it's on the cloud, in a data center or on-device. Dell Hybrid Client 1.5 brings the hybrid management tool to a wider audience, while adding new security and device options. 

First announced in September 2020, Dell Hybrid Client was initially targeted at office-bound desktop users, Brooke Huling, VP of the Modern Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, told ZDNet. Now, Dell is aiming to serve the full spectrum of users, including mobile and home-based. 

"As the workforce continues to shift and companies adopt a more hybrid approach to work, which depends on the cloud, it was important to deliver a solution which meets the unique needs of both employees and IT," Huling said. 

The service is delivered out-of-the-box with low-touch deployment from the on-premises console, from the cloud or a combination of both through Wyse Management Suite Pro. It delivers access to apps and data via a secure single-sign-on, and users can find what they're looking for with global filesearch. The follow-me feature gives users a consistent experience regardless of which desktop or mobile device they're using. 

Meanwhile, IT administrators can determine whether applications open automatically in the cloud, locally or via VDI. The latest version has a built-in VPN client, user file encryption, secure boot and more options for customers to build their security profiles.   

Previously, Dell Hybrid Client was available with OptiPlex 7070 Ultra and Wyse 5070 thin clients. Now it's also available with the Latitude 3320, as well as the OptiPlex 3090 and 7090 Ultra.

Huling said Dell has seen interest in the product from across its customer base, with customers in retail, media & entertainment, education, finance and healthcare. 

"Overall, DHC is great for customers looking to reduce their dependence on VDI and looking to migrate to the cloud," she said.

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