Dell launches new Axim PDAs in Europe

Faster, slimmer and better connected are the names of the game, as Dell's Axim PDAs reach Europe's shops

Dell launched its Axim X30 range of PDAs into the European market on Thursday.

The three Pocket PC-based handheld devices are based on Intel's PXA270 processor, two running at 312 MHz and one at 624MHz. The faster machine and one of the slower includes integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless networking. All three have a new 240x320 colour display, a Secure Digital expansion slot and 64MB of ROM, and are slimmer and lighter than Dell's previous Axim X3 and X5 models.

Running Windows Mobile PC 2003 Second Edition software, the PDAs come with a 900mAh battery or can use an 1800 mAh extended life option. The top-end model comes with a recharging/sync cradle that has a slot to charge a second battery: the others come with a lead.

"We are seeing a market change from individuals buying PDAs to them becoming IT purchases," Kristian Karppi, Dell product manager for Europe, told ZDNet UK. "We are developing better relationships with people who deliver security, management and messaging for this market."

Karppi said that Dell would be supporting WPA wireless security for enterprises using the Axim X30 and that he saw Bluetooth being used mostly for WAN access via GPRS phones and for satellite navigation through GPS. At its yearly EMEA Product Showcase in Cannes, Dell showed its portable Bluetooth GPS receiver working with an Axim X30, but had no launch or pricing details.

The Axim X30s range from £129 (excluding VAT) for the slow, un-wirelessed version to £229 for the 624MHz model.