Dell plans PC/NetPC hybrid

Dell today put a spin on the infant NetPC phenomenon by introducing a strategy for what it calls the ManagedPC.

The world's largest direct sales PC vendor said it plans to bring in technologies to help remotely manage systems on a network, combining the flexibility of the PC with the low-cost upkeep of NetPCs. The components of the plan will be a phased introduction of the DMI 2.0 network management standard, ACPI power management standard and Wake-On-LAN ability to remotely power up idle systems.

"In situations where customers must have power, flexibility and manageability, ManagedPCs will be the best choice," said chairman and CEO Michael Dell in a prepared statement. "In situations where the majority of applications are task or data entry driven, NetPCs will be the best choice for manageability."

Dell will show ManagedPC products at the PC Expo exhibition on June 17 in New York.

Dell can be contacted by telephone 01344-720000.