Dell UK slices Dimension pricing

Dell has slashed prices on its Pentium II-based Dimension machines in an attempt to accelerate the market shift towards the PII chip.

Dell's price cuts follow hot on the heels of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq and pre-empt the expected chip price cuts by Intel.

The Dell Dimension XPS H233 with 233MHz Pentium II chip is now available at a starting price of £1,299 + VAT. That price includes 32MB EDO RAM, Internal 512Kb cache, 3.2Gb hard drive, STB Nitro 3D GX Graphics card with 4Mb EDO RAM, a Dell 15-inch monitor 12/24 Speed CD ROM, Integrated 16-bit sound, Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition.

Dave Moore, marketing manager at Dell UK said that "these latest aggressive prices can only accelerate the trend towards PII machines further."