Developer jobs: Google’s Go, Redux.js, Google Cloud, and AWS skills will get you the most interviews

If you're looking at a future in software engineering, these are the platforms and languages you should get a handle on.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

While many people will face tough prospects in 2021, software engineers remain in high demand — even in areas that tech companies and employees are supposedly fleeing from, like San Francisco.  

But while employees might want to leave expensive cities, employers are offering slightly more to attract talent in traditional tech hubs.

"Average salaries for top software engineering roles increased in all major tech hubs last year – by 5% in the San Francisco Bay Area, 3% in New York, 7% in Toronto, and 6% in London respectively," Hired notes in a new report

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Hired notes that programmers who know Google's Go programming language, the Redux JavaScript library, Google Cloud, and AWS get more interview requests from employers. 

Remote working under the pandemic, however, has had some impact on traditional tech hubs as more remote roles appear elsewhere. 

For example, Denver, in Colorado accounted for 34% remote role offers, while roles in London and Toronto accounted for 6% and 9% of remote roles, respectively.

Hired's survey, covering 10,000 participating companies and 245,000 job seekers, was conducted with hiring platform Vettery. 

"Demand for software engineers and their skill set continued to grow despite the massive economic downturn amid the pandemic and one of the most difficult job markets in US history," said Josh Brenner, Vettery's chief.   

"As many companies will pick up their hiring efforts again this year, they will have to compete even more for top engineering talent."

The companies found that 83% of software engineers were after "new challenges and continuous learning", meaning that companies will need to cater to an appetite among developers for remote work and career development opportunities.

Developers across the board are in demand. People with backend and full stack knowledge accounted for 58% and 57% of interview requests, while frontend software engineers accounted for 30% of all interview requests. 

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Software engineers who know about Redux.js, Google Cloud, AWS and React.js are in luck. Engineers proficient in Redux.js received almost three times more interview requests than the marketplace average, while candidates with Google Cloud, AWS and React.js skills received 2.7 times more interviews.

The companies found that developers with knowledge of Go and Scalagot twice as many interview requests.

AWS is where the jobs are though. "AWS was requested 8 [times] more in job listings compared to Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure skills," Hired notes. 

Developers who want a job also need to know Kubernetes and Docker, the predominant container technologies.

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