DevOps: Chef offers enterprise-wide analytics with Automate tool

The new tool brings together Chef's apps into one single interface product to speed up software automation.
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor

Already know a vendor of software automation tools, Chef software has launched a new tool that combines Chef's existing software into one, single-interface product.

Aimed at software development teams the app combines Chef Delivery and Chef Compliance into one tool. According to the company the aim is to speed up the software delivery process.

Chef Automate includes a new Visibility feature that offers analytics of all the resources managed by Chef through a single interface, the company says, and should help organisations, "safely deploy infrastructure and applications at high velocity and scale".

The new features in Chef Automate include:

Visibility: Chef Automate provides system-wide insight across applications and their supporting environments, such as development, quality assurance and production.

A single dashboard: This gives access to the analytics, trending data, and health status of Chef-managed resources, including Chef Automate, as well as open source Chef, InSpec, and Habitat.

Search and filter capabilities: These can be snapshots of a single resources or groups of resources.

Visualisation: This allows the user to see successful changes, failures and entire deployments to give actionable insight into system trends.

Unified workflow: Chef Automate includes the shared pipeline, which was previously known as Chef Delivery. The difference is that this now has a single interface for monitoring progress and promoting changes as they move from development to production.

Compliance and security: Chef Automate now allows companies to proactively check their security policies. According to Chef it helps the user identify and remediate any compliance issues early in the development process, "well before deployment to production". It also includes compliance profiles based on Centre for Internet Security benchmarks. Because it is an integrated platform, Chef Automate can "visualises the status of nodes in terms of their adherence to policy", the company says.

As part of the announcement Chef also launched a Chef Certification Programme to give IT professionals the tools and resources needed to develop automated apps. This will combine with Chef's existing Partner Certification Programme, the company said.

Chef's says that its total bookings are currently growing more than 80 percent year-over-year in Q2 2016.

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