Digital maturity of Brazilian companies still basic

Large organizations face issues like lack of consistency and scope of digital initiatives, a study has found
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

The level of digital maturity among large organizations in Brazil is still basic, a new study has found.

The Digital Maturity Index by Cosin Consulting, an Isobar Group company, has analyzed 284 firms with revenue above 1 billion reais ($241 million) across retail, consumer goods, healthcare and education. Of those, 48,6% have a basic level of maturity, while 32,42% are considered mature and only 3,75% are considered experts.

Criteria used to evaluate the companies includes their digital plans, strategies, processes and technologies adopted. Within mobility, fashion and supermarket brands are the most advanced, while education and food are the laggards.

When it comes to social networking presence, cosmetics fashion and furniture businesses are more digitally advanced. In terms of positioning in search mechanisms and generation of content to boost their rankings on Google, most companies are incipient. Within the 3% of companies that are considered experts in that regard, pet retailers are the best performers.

A ranking of the 10 most digitally prepared companies was included in the study. All companies are retailers, including local and global names such as Nike, Adidas and Burger King.

The study notes that Brazilian companies are already acting upon the digital transformation imperatives, but are in different stages of development and face difficulties around scoping and creating actions and strategies that are sufficiently consistent.

Other issues mentioned in the study include the difficulty Brazilian companies face in terms of adjusting online content to the appropriate moment of customer journey and addressing the scope for more multimedia content on proprietary channels.

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