Dragon Mobile Assistant 2.0 update adds app launch and alarm setup functionality

Voice is becoming a more accepted input and control method on your mobile device and the latest version of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android adds some keys functions.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Dragon Mobile Assistant 2.0 update adds app launch and alarm setup functionality

A couple of months ago I wrote about the release of the beta version of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android and this morning Nuance released version 2.0.0 with Android 2.3 support, bug fixes, and additional capabilities. I installed it on my Galaxy Note II and the software looks to be making serious progress and may replace my use of Google Now for voice activated actions.

There are four main additons to the 2.0 release, including Android 2.3 support, ability to launch apps, control over music playing on your device, and ability to set alarms (very important for me personally).

Dragon Mobile Assistant has a standard mode and a driver mode so when you are in driver mode you get a full hands-free experience, including having your incoming messages read aloud. There is a single step command and an interactive multi-step method for completing tasks with Dragon where the software will use voice to prompt you for more information to define your intended action. Here are some of the actions you can do with Dragon Mobile Assistant:

  • Make a call
  • Send a text message
  • Launch an app
  • Play on-device music
  • Set an alarm
  • Create an event in your calendar
  • Update Facebook or Twitter
  • Access content and information from over 200 websites
  • Use maps and find directions
  • Find restaurants and make reservations
  • Look up local businesses and points of interest
  • Check the weather

I primarily use Siri on my iPhone to create alarm and reminders while also checking on my local sports teams. Siri, Google Now, and Dragon Mobile Assistant are helping push voice as a valid input method and I look forward to testing all these methods. Do you have a favorite?

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