Nuance launches beta of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android, takes on Siri

Apple heavily advertises Siri and competitors have been trying to match and beat its functionality. Google Now is excellent on Jelly Bean-powered devices and there are some great 3rd party alternatives. Nuance is an experience developer of voice technologies and enters the Android arena with this new application.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Nuance is known for their powerful Dragon voice software and today they revealed Dragon Mobile Assistant beta that brings another option for voice control to the Android platform. Apple has Siri and I find it to be very useful on my iPhone 5. Jelly Bean-powered Android devices have Google Now, which I also find useful and much better than utilities like Samsung's S Voice. Given Nuance's experiences in this area, I plan to test out Dragon Mobile Assistant (Play Store link) and compare it to Google Now on my Android smartphones.

Nuance also has their existing Dragon Go! (Play Store link) software that is designed for voice-enabled searches. This new Dragon Mobile Assistant goes further with support for sending texts, making calls, scheduling appointments, checking the weather, sending a Tweet, getting directions, and more. One of the main ways I use Siri and Google Now is to check on my favorite teams so I plan to check that out too on Dragon Mobile Assistant.

These voice utilities seem to be heavily promoted in commercials and in my experiences people use them when they first get a device, but then they get forgotten and never used again. Is there a market for good natural language voice applications in mobile?

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