EMC: Protect your data with more granular backup

New solutions from the storage vendor are designed to improve recovery point and recovery time objectives, during the event of data corruption.

SINGAPORE--Companies can get a greater peace of mind when they deploy a continuous data protection backup solution for their mission-critical data, that focuses on recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives, says an EMC executive.

When recovery points are available for every instance in time, users can quickly recover the most recent, clean copies of affected files, databases, or application in the event of data corruption, said Ron Demone, EMC's Asia consulting manager.

Improved recovery point objectives help users recover more recently captured data, while improved recovery time objectives help streamline the recovery processes, he told ZDNet Asia. These objectives are more easily achieved through disk than tape backup solutions, he said.

To this end, EMC has launched a new software EMC RecoverPoint, an enterprise-level continuous data protection software, designed to help business recover data up to the instant prior to corruption. Companies can also select from prior, verified and consistent points in time.

RecoverPoint capture all writes to production environments as they occur, and writes them in parallel to an allocated recovery storage array.

"Any changes made to the database are being written to the disk continuously," said Demone, adding that customers have the flexibility to optimize the point of recovery, and hence, reduce the return-to-service time.

RecoverPoint also provides application-aware data protection to key business applications on a variety of operating systems, he said. Version 1.1 supports Sun Solaris and Windows Server 2003, but subsequent versions will include support for IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux, as well as Windows 2000.

In other news this week, EMC announced a new version of EMC Legato NetWorker. Version 7.3 of the software provides faster recovery of data, a new graphical user interface, and improved data security, said Demone.

The vendor also released EMC Backup Advisor, a new backup reporting and analysis tool that gathers information from the entire backup infrastructure, and lets customers identify and rectify backup process and operational problems.

With the tool, users can conduct advanced fault diagnosis, predict where problems are developing, and see where the business is at risk in relation to meeting service level agreements and external regulatory data retention laws, Demone explained.

EMC Backup Advisor is available now, while EMC RecoverPoint and EMC Legato NetWorker version 7.3 will be available later this year.