Epson is going to stop selling laser printers. Here's why

Epson will stop selling laser printers by 2026 and switch fully to more inkjet printers.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Printer maker Epson has announced it will stop selling and distributing laser printers due to sustainability issues caused by heating.  

Epson in an announcement said it will transition fully to inkjet printers and end global sales and distribution of laser printers by 2026. 

"Inkjet technology can reduce energy consumption compared to laser, and with a compact footprint and a lightweight design, these products help limit resources used during production and shipping," Epson said. 

"This reduced size also means they easily integrate into the office and save space. High yield ink cartridges also reduce material usage, shipping, storage and end of use management of consumables."

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According to The Register, Epson had already stopped selling laser printers in many markets, but continued doing so in Asia and Europe. 

The printer company said the move results from "laser technology's limited ability to make significant steps towards improved sustainability due to its requirement for heat during the print process, and therefore increased energy use."

Epson in a 2019 blogpost said its inkjet printers consume up to 85% less energy than a similar-speed laser printer. Inkjet printers also produced up to 75% less carbon dioxide than comparable laser printers. Also, inkjet printers have up to 59% less replacement parts than laser printers.  

"With fewer moving and consumable parts to replace over the lifetime of the printer compared to lasers, service and maintenance needs of Epson injets are also substantially reduced, along with resulting printer downtime," Epson said.

Epson announced the switch away from laser printers as it launched a new range of 40-60 page per minute business inkjet printers. 

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