Ericsson releases 3G applications

The Swedish telecoms equipment company thinks that it has created a suite of programs that will persuade potential customers of the benefits of 3G

Ericsson announced last week that it is making fifteen 3G applications available to mobile phone network operators to allow them to show the potential of third-generation mobile services.

The programs -- which were developed both in-house by Ericsson and also by independent developers -- include business applications, multiplayer games and Web browsing software.

Ericsson is sending the complete set of 3G applications to 40 mobile operators, and it hopes they will use them to demonstrate 3G to their customers. The Swedish company thinks that operators could also use them as part of their commercial 3G packages.

"These 3G applications are all really exciting," claimed Ericsson's Kevin Nicholl in a statement. "They are interactive, have rich content, great graphics and all of them used bandwidths provided by WCDMA (3G)," Nicholl added.

Several of the applications are aimed at enterprise customers. These include a mobile version of Microsoft's NetMeeting video-conferencing program, an application that gives corporate LAN access, and a workforce management application that should enable users to coordinate activities such as work orders and scheduling from their mobile.

Other applications in the set are more fun, such as Sea Wars, a single or multiplayer game where the user is in charge of a fleet of battle ships.

Ericsson is also shipping an application titled MMS composer, which lets users generate their own multimedia messages.

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