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Eve is updating its entire lineup to support Thread, launching Eve Weather station

Some products will receive firmware updates to enable Thread, while others will require new hardware.


Eve Systems

Eve Systems has several new products it plans to launch in the coming weeks, all of which support Apple's HomeKit home automation platform and the new Thread connectivity protocol. 

Going even further, Eve has committed to updating its entire smart home portfolio to support the Thread protocol by the end of 2021. 

Some products, like the second-generation Eve Aqua, only need a firmware updated to enable Thread. Other products, like the Eve Energy smart plug, require a hardware change. 

Eve plans to release an update for Eve Aqua in early April, allowing the smart water controller to connect to and interact with a Thread mesh network. 


Eve Systems

As for Eve Energy, the company will start selling a Thread-equipped version on April 6 for $39.95. 

Eve Weather is a new product that's designed to stay outside and monitor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Weather will then send that data to your iPhone's Home app via Thread, or you check the temperature with a glance thanks to Weather's built-in display. 

Eve Weather will be available starting March 25 for $69.95. 

Thread is a relatively new connectivity protocol that's built for smart home use. Thread devices create a mesh network to ensure other accessories like light bulbs or door sensors stay online and increases the speed at which commands are relayed between gadgets. Apple's HomePod Mini is the first border router that's widely available to consumers. If one device goes offline, the mesh network can redirect a command or traffic through other Thread devices. This ensures you're able to still control a light or, in Eve Aqua's case, turn the water on or off. 

I recently converted my entire smart home setup to HomeKit, adding several HomePod Minis and a handful of Nanoleaf Essential Bulbs and Light Strips, both of which support Thread. The speed at which commands are sent from an app, Siri, or an automation to Thread devices is indeed impressive. 

The best part is, the more Thread devices you add to your home, the more reliable the network becomes thanks to the mesh functionality. You can order any of Eve's products direct from Eve, Amazon, or Apple

I'm looking forward to testing Eve's new Thread devices and integrating them into my home setup. 

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