Executive's guide to understanding the IT job market (free ebook)

Powerful trends like cloud, mobility, and big data — as well as disruptive innovations like 3D printing and the IoT — are reshaping the IT industry. So it's no surprise that the tech job market is changing right along with it.
Written by Jody Gilbert, Contributor

Rapid changes in business and technology are having a profound impact on the IT employment picture. New business models, systems, and processes — along with a mobile workforce that demands anywhere/anytime access to tools and information — are transforming many traditional IT job roles. Some are becoming the province of non-technical staff. Others are being handed off to service providers. And many positions are disappearing altogether.

Along with these observable shifts in the IT job market comes a great deal of uncertainty and conflicting opinion. Are the levels of IT hiring — strong and getting stronger — going to continue to climb? Will there be enough IT talent to step up as the current generation of tech workers retires? Are we failing to educate tomorrow's technologists to support legacy systems, enable the business, and take on future web and mobile app development, cloud computing, data science, social media management, and information security?

ZDNet and TechRepublic put together this ebook to address these questions and offer some perspective on IT employment trends.


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