Fitbit app updated: Redesigned for greater personalization and easier access to tools

With the recent launch of new wearables in March, Fitbit has been working on a smartphone app redesign to help users personalize their experience while improving access to tools in the app.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Fitbit released new wearables in March, see our full review of the Versa Lite, and these products offers an amazing amount of data for users to review and analyze. This week an update for the Fitbit smartphone app was released for iOS and Android with a focus on helping users take advantage of everything Fitbit has to offer on its platform.

I have the new app installed on my phones and after just a day of use I find it easier to view and access the information that is most important to me. There are now three main tabs at the bottom of the app that provided the following:

  • Fitbit Today: Screen lets you view all your data and active challenges in a single streamlined dashboard with the ability to quickly log workouts, hydration, food and more. The Today tab also includes new tips and educational insights to inform you about healthy activity and sleep habits.
  • Discover: Used to help you explore all the features and experiences Fitbit has to offer, such as Challenges, Adventures and Fitbit Coach workouts.
  • Community: Useful for keeping you connected to Fitbit's 27+ million strong global social community, including your friends, family and coworkers.

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I believe drinking ample amounts of water is important for my health so make a conscious effort to drink water all day every day. The new Fitbit app facilitates logging water you drink. If tracking your water intake is not important to you, it is quick and easy to remove this tile from the Today view.

Image: Fitbit

As you use your Fitbit wearable and go about your day, insights, messages, and tips will appear at the top of the screen. You can choose to see more or less of these with a tap on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. You can also tap the X to close the insight and hide them for a couple days.

These insights and tips may include:

  • Tips for how to use your device, such as setting up Fitbit Pay
  • Features to try, like Relax guided breathing or one of the many step Challenges with friends
  • Firmware updates to prompt you to update your device with the latest software
  • Educational insights to help you form healthy habits. Examples include: "Trying to get fit? Keep an eye on your cardio fitness score. It estimates how well your body uses oxygen during intense exercise. Higher score = better fitness." "Research shows adding 2 minutes of walking for each hour you sit during the day may be linked with a longer life expectancy. A 2-3 minute walk = about 250 steps."

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One of the reasons I like to use Fitbit wearables is the challenges with family and friends, but this information was buried down a couple of screens in the previous version of the app. Active challenges can be added to the Today tab, but I would still like to see a quick link to my Friends leaderboard.

Fitbit is also known for its community and the new community tab makes it easy to view your feed, friends, and groups. The Fitbit feed appears similar to Instagram, but it is focused on Fitbit users and their experiences so offers a filtered experience for those who are interested in health and fitness.

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