Fitbit ships more than a million Versas since launch, fastest selling Fitbit ever

Fitbit announced it has now sold more than a million of its $200 Versa smartwatch since launch. Recent updates, including dedicated women's health tracking, have also been popular with customers.

Fitbit Versa is the fastest-selling Fitbit ever

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The Fitbit Versa, see the full ZDNet review, is Fitbit's latest entry into the wearable market and today's announcement reveals it is the fastest selling product in Fitbit history.

Fitbit launched the Versa on 16 April so it is quite a feat to reach the 1 million unit sold threshold after just more than a month on the market. It is currently the top selling smartwatch on Amazon too.

Female health tracking was rolled out a month ago and Fitbit states that more than two million users have engaged with this new feature. 1.8 million users have added at least one period in the Fitbit app and nearly 700,000 have logged one or more symptoms so it is actively being used on Fitbit devices.

James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit (check out our extensive Q&A session) stated:

With Fitbit Versa, we are delivering on our promise to offer a true mass appeal smartwatch with engaging new features. The positive response to Versa shows that we are filling this void and well positions us to gain share of the fast-growing smartwatch market. The engagement we've seen with our new female health tracking feature further demonstrates the value our users see in being able to get a more comprehensive look at their overall health and wellness, in a single place, in a way that other available cycle tracking tools cannot.

Since the availability of Fitbit OS, more than 18,000 developers have joined the community with more than 900 apps and watch faces available to users.