Five years ago: Hayes denies x2 56K modem switch

Hayes has denied published reports that it is to foresake K56flex and join the US Robotics-led x2 56kbps modem camp
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

First published 14 March, 1997

Spokesmen said that the confusion had arisen because Practical Peripherals, its wholly-owned value brand in the US, is shipping an x2 modem to satisfy the needs of a large customer.

"We're not changing horses," said Bill Pechey, chief engineering officer at Hayes Europe. "K56flex is the way for Hayes' branded products and in most of the Practical Peripherals products. It's totally incorrect to say we've swapped for x2. We're 100 per cent behind K56flex."

Pricing and availability for Hayes K56flex modems will be available within a fortnight and products will ship next month, the firm said.

Separately, Pechey said he expects next week's meeting of the ITU telecommunications standards body to clarify the future for 56kbps modems.

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