Five years ago: New LapLink adds file sync tool

Traveling Software has released LapLink 7.5 for Windows 95, adding Xchange Agent, a tool for remotely synchronising files and folders without recourse to scripting.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Xchange Agent works with Microsoft's System Agent so that drag-and-drop syncing can be set to occur unattended. A preview mode lets users check correct files are being linked and a wizard offers hand-holding in the setup.

Traveling also claims it has improved LapLink speed by up to 30 per cent by intelligently compressing files when slow transfers are detected. File transfer security has also been boosted with reconnected transfers now picking up where the transfer was interrupted.

Also new are more shortcuts for standard tasks, display options, encryption, resolution matching, and file deletion to Windows 95's Recycle Bin.

The full product (with parallel cable and LapLink for Windows 3.1 bundled) is £150, with upgrades for LapLink 7.0 users at £20, and upgrades for other Traveling Software users at £50. Telephone queries should be directed to Traveling's Customer Service Hotline on 0800 374849.

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