Fivetran buys HVR, adds $565 funding

The data transformation company that rides on cloud storage has just added the change data capture data replication piece and secured Series D funding.


Fivetran, which has turned traditional ETL inside out (to ELT) by moving transformation deep into cloud storage, has just added a complementary piece, and bulked up its finding to pump its valuation to $5.6 billion.

The acquisition is for HVR, which bulks Fivetran's data replication technology with change data capture from a wide range of cloud and legacy on-premises databases. It's a piece that complements Fivetran's ELT cloud service by providing the change data capture that extracts upstream – and from on-premises databases. The HVR change-data-capture gets the data upstream, while Fivetran's transformation technology massages the data downstream to feed it to the cloud analytics platform, whether it is called a data warehouse, data lake, or data lakehouse.

The new funding – which accounts for the HVR acquisition, multiplies Fivetran's valuation almost fivefold. After a June 2020 funding round of $100 million, the company's valuation just made it to unicorn territory at $1.2 billion.

Note: We have since updated this story after speaking with Fivetran CEO George Fraser. Click here for our take on where Fivetran will take the business now with HVR under its belt.