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I just ran across a newcomer to the virtualization market, Fortisphere. Their focus is on lifecycle management for virtual resources.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

I just ran across a newcomer to the virtualization market, Fortisphere. Their focus is on lifecycle management for virtual resources. They're offering two products, Fortisphere Virtual Insight™ and Virtual Foresight™. They're also offering these two products together in a suite, Virtual Essentials™.

In their own words

Here's how Fortisphere describes their products:

Virtual Essentials™ is a suite of lifecycle management products providing cradle-to-grave identification, tracking, reporting and management of online and offline virtual machines. Developed specifically for virtualized servers and workstations, the Virtual Essential suite leverages transparent, state-of-the-art drivers embedded within each virtual machine, delivering the control enterprises require to confidently roll out a virtual infrastructure that is clear, well-managed, and secure.

  • Control: Centrally manage thousands of nodes, implementing policies regarding network access, time-to-live, co-mingling and more.
  • Visibility: Visualize every virtual machine in the environment, tracking the history, lineage, applications, owners, and location of each.
  • Best Practices: Ensure that virtualized environments operate efficiently, effectively and securely.

Fortisphere Virtual Insight™ is an operational lifecycle management product that enables enterprises to tag, track, and report upon all virtual machines as they move throughout reproduction and production environments. With key features such as Virtual Lineage™ and virtual machine fingerprinting, enterprises can tag VMs with business relevant information and use those attributes to present virtual machine movement, actions and lineage relationships.

Virtual Foresight™ is a lifecycle policy management product that delivers out-of-the box, best practice policies designed to support Smart Growth. Smart Growth is an intelligent, controlled approach to delivering sustainable growth of virtual machines. With key features such as virtual machine network access control, virtual time to live, virtual anti-affinity, and rogue machine and theft prevention, enterprises now can leverage out of the box polices of industry best practices to manage the multitude of virtual machines running on desktops, workstations, servers and hypervisors.

Snapshot analysis

I've written a number of times about the benefits and the challenges of working with virtual resources. Fortisphere appears to have developed a product strategy that addresses the challenges quite nicely. Although I've not heard from an actual customer, it appears that the company has a lot of potential to make a real impact on the market for tools that manage virtualized resources. I look forward to hearing more from them over time.

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