From Labour's IT blunders to the Tories' grand tech plans

Round-up: The state of Whitehall IT under the microscope
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Round-up: The state of Whitehall IT under the microscope

With a General Election looming, silicon.com has taken an in-depth look at the present state of public sector IT and how things might change should a new political party come to power.

In this exclusive series of articles, silicon.com's Nick Heath puts government IT well and truly under the microscope - examining the issues from which of Labour's major IT projects could be doomed under a Conservative administration, to how far a Tory government will really shake up Whitehall IT.

Labour's worst IT disasters
Why repeated mistakes have cost the taxpayer billions

Photos: The Tories' techiest MPs
The men and women who will help shape IT in a Conservative administration

How far will the Tories change the face of tech in the UK?
Open source, mega contracts and free data pledges under the spotlight

Which of Labour's big IT projects will survive the Tory axe?
What a Conservative government would mean for everything from ID cards to the National Programme for IT

The Tory IT masterplan: As good as it looks?
Can the Conservatives' reforms tackle the real Achilles heel of government IT?


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