​G6 Plus launches in Korea armed with LG Pay

LG has launched the larger-screened G6 Plus and a 32GB version of the G6 in South Korea, both armed with its mobile payment solution LG Pay.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
(Image: HJK)

LG Electronics began sales of its G6 Plus, the larger-screened version of its flagship G6 smartphone, in South Korea on Friday.

The newest phablet comes with 128GB of storage, targeted towards heavy multimedia users. The latest device also supports the Qi-method of wireless charging, a feature the original G6 did not support in Korea.

A cheaper 32GB memory version of the original G6 will also be made available, the company said.

Both phones come equipped with LG Pay, the company's mobile payment wallet, as standard.

The service rolled out in South Korea earlier this month and boasts fingerprint recognition and, as LG previously announced, has one-time-password security. LG has been working on its mobile payment system since 2015, and like rival Samsung Pay, LG Pay can read mag-stripes.

LG partnered with four local credit card firms Shinhan, KB, BC, and Lotte for LG Pay and said it will expand partnerships with all local credit card companies by September.

The company said it will continue to expand LG Pay to other lower-tiered phones, as well.

LG launched the G6 in Korea back in March, with the phone the first to launch with the 18:9 ratio display. It is also the firm's first unibody metal phone, boasting Hi-Fi quad DACD for better audio quality.

The company has expanded the availability of its phones globally, announcing its expansion plans when it launched in Brazil in May.

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