Galaxy S10 Plus dual selfie camera earns Samsung top spot in photo benchmarking

Samsung's new Galaxy S10 Plus passes its first test with flying colors to win top marks for photos.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer on

Camera-benchmarking outfit DXOMark has put the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus' cameras through their paces and, as expected, they're the best on the market. 

The Galaxy S10 Plus features a dual-lens front-facing camera setup in the new no-notch Infinity-O camera cutout. The single-lens S10's cutout looks like a hole punch, while the dual-lens device's cutout looks more like a Tic-Tac. 

The main 10-megapixel lens is backed up by an eight-megapixel sensor for depth sensing and the blurry background effect. 

According to DXOMark, the Galaxy S10 Plus has the best selfie camera for both stills and video it's ever tested, with the secondary camera successfully doing the task it is designed for. The front camera also has improved image detail while keep noise levels close to the Note 9's. 

The company compared the performance of normal still image mode and portrait mode. In still mode, skin colors look natural, but in low light colors can look dull. So long as there's decent lighting, the camera produces clear images.         

The portrait mode does a good job of isolating faces in foreground and blurs smoothly in the background. Video tests revealed "excellent performance", according to DXOMark, which gave it the "highest video selfie score so far" due to color, focus, texture, and stabilization. 

"The Galaxy S10 Plus is our latest top device for front-camera performance and is an easy recommendation for selfie photographers and video shooters alike. The Samsung's front camera performs well in all areas and doesn't display any real weaknesses when compared to the direct competition," DXOMark concludes. 

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"In stills mode, some highlight clipping can occur in high-contrast scenes, and colors can look a little dull in low light, but otherwise the S10 Plus does very well in almost any shooting situation."

Based on DXOMark's early review, the Galaxy S10 Plus is likely to produce the best selfie shots consumers have ever seen. And with a starting price of $999, that's to be expected. 

However, the reviewers did find some flaws, including weaknesses in group portraits, dull colors and loss of fine details in low light, highlight clipping on skin tones in high-contrast scenes, and some issues with color and lens shading with a flash. 

The S10 Plus and its smaller siblings will be available in the US on March 8, with pre-orders having started on February 21.  


According to DXOMark, the Galaxy S10 Plus has the best selfie camera for both stills and video it's ever tested

Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

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