Gateway 300MHz PII system is loaded

Gateway 2000 is putting everything but the kitchen sink in its first desktop PC based on Intel's 440LX chipset.

The direct seller's G6-300XL is a 300MHz Pentium II-based system with 64Mb SDRAM, 6.4Gb hard drive, 24-speed CD-ROM drive, 19-inch monitor, STB's nVidia Riva AGP graphics processor with 4Mb SGRAM, USR x2 56kbps modem and Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition Plus for £2,199 + VAT. A 266MHz system is also available.

Gateway has also begun shipping a £999 + VAT budget PC. The G5-166M SE is a 166MHz Pentium MMX system with 16Mb SDRAM, 1.6Gb hard drive, 15-inch monitor and Epson Stylus 300 printer.

Gateway can be contacted by telephone on 0800-552000.