Generation Y: Buck up, work harder; you're letting the side down

It's not every day I sit down, start writing, and rage about the generation I do my best to represent on a vast scale. Today was that day.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

I spend my days -- on the most part, at least -- defending the Generation Y. An entire demographic aged roughly 18 to 30; I spend my time writing about them, discussing how they think, what they do and why they do it.

Constantly, I am faced with attitudes from a polarised generation -- a good portion of which are apathetic towards work, focused entirely on money and rewards, and then another which frankly whinge when it doesn't go their way.

It isn't a vast majority. It is a small minority who whinge, moan, bitch, and generally get cranky at their colleagues, friends and family because "something isn't going my way".

Well, wake up. You're letting the side down.


The very fact of the matter, as I have found time and time again, is that for the younger generation who seem to struggle in work and employment, is not down to whether they have learned enough.

It is, however, because they do not care. They do not work hard enough and they expect things to simply be provided on a plate for them.

It's truly and utterly exhausting. This small segment of this hedonistic and equally naive group of youngsters brings down the reputation that the rest of the Generation Y is desperately trying to maintain.

The Generation Y is already on a losing battle with their older counterparts. They fight to have their voices heard amongst the "old boys club", they struggle to be taken seriously amongst their more traditional colleagues, and are already at a disadvantage with the lack of career opportunities -- more rather it's a 'temporary job market' for a temporary employee.

Let me give you an example.

Someone I know recently started a new job. They have been -- frankly, moaning -- about their job, as though it is the hardest thing in the world.

They have been given an opportunity like you wouldn't believe. It's a fantastic job for which many of my generation would seek to gain. Their salary is great, their office hours are minimal, they can work from home and their colleagues are relaxed.

But it's a job where salary comes from commission.

Commission can be a difficult one, but it does not automatically negate a decent salary. Sometimes it takes a rocky start to find one's best footing.

This employee, however, does not want to wait. They want results now and they do not want to wait for it.

No -- it doesn't work like that. You have been given a brilliant job for which so many generational colleagues of yours would kill to have. Yet, you want to throw the towel in the ring by ditching it for something else -- because you are impatient and don't want to wait for results?

Typical Generation Y behaviour, you may think? Not quite.

It is this segment of Generation Y society which lets down the other group. Stereotypes come from somewhere -- and they stick with us until something amazing comes along which proves it entirely otherwise.

There is a simple solution. Buck up, work harder; because you are single-handedly letting the side down, and drawing the stereotype further into sticking reality.

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