Get a Dell PowerEdge T30 mini-tower server for $329

That's a whopping $220 off the regular price.

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It's the rare office that couldn't benefit from a server. Whether it's a small biz with a handful of employees or a medium one with dozens of them, a server keeps everything centralized: documents, images, videos, and so on.

This does not, however, have to cost a small fortune. Nor does it have to occupy a large space. Today's deal proves both.

For a limited time, Dell is offering the PowerEdge T30 mini-tower server for $329 shipped when you apply promo code 329#T30 at checkout. (Sales tax may apply.) Regular price for this configuration: $549.

(Pro tip: You can lower the effective price even further by leveraging Ebates. This cash-back service pays you back a percentage of your purchase -- in this case six percent, or about $20. Just head to the Ebates page for Dell Small Business, sign up for an account, then click the Shop Now button to continue on to Dell. From there you can use the above link to return to the PowerEdge deal page. Want to learn more about Ebates and how it works? Read my introduction to cash-back services.)

The PowerEdge T30 offers ample power for any small business, starting with a 3.3GHz Intel Xeon processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive (with room internally for up to three more). There's also an optical drive (DVD/RW) if you're looking to archive some old media and an impressive 10 USB ports -- six of them USB 3.0.

The T30 doesn't come with an operating system, though, so it's BYO or purchase one from Dell.

So how good a deal is this, really? Dell offers another T30 configuration with a Pentium G4400 processor and just 4GB of RAM -- for $20 more. I'd say if you're in the market for a small server (both in price and stature), this is definitely worth a look.

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