Google aims to build diversity in AI with new educational tools

The site "Learn with Google AI" features a free course on machine learning that's available to anyone.

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Google on Wednesday publicly released a set of educational resources for anyone interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the aim of bringing a wider range of perspectives to the field.

"AI can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries, which means it's crucial that AI reflect a diverse range of human perspectives and needs," Google's Zuri Kemp wrote in a blog post. "That's why part of Google AI's mission is to help anyone interested in machine learning succeed."

The tutorials and educational materials can be found on the site Learn with Google AI, which was originally used to introduce fundamental ML concepts to Google employees. Google says the site offers materials for everyone from deep learning experts to AI beginners, including a new, free course called Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC).

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