Google Cloud launches new "digital twin" service for supply chain visibility

Supply Chain Twin lets companies consolidate and analyze data from different sources to get a more complete view of suppliers, inventories, and other information.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google Cloud on Tuesday launched Supply Chain Twin, a service that helps organizations leverage data from disparate sources to better understand their physical supply chain. The cloud company is also launching the Supply Chain Pulse module to provide supply chain managers with real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, alerts and collaboration in Google Workspace. 

Over the past year, a series of external events -- like the Covid-19 pandemic, climate-related disasters and the blockage in the Suez Canal -- have underscored the vulnerability of global supply chains. As companies race to improve their resiliency, Google is pitching better supply chain visibility. 

The Supply Chain Twin should help companies bring together data from a variety of sources, including enterprise business systems like ERPs, supplier and partner systems, and public sources such as weather data. The service requires less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration, Google says. 

The Supply Chain Pulse module, meanwhile, offers different performance dashboards to analyze key operational metrics. Users can set mobile alerts that trigger when key metrics reach user-defined thresholds. They can also build shared workflows for quick collaboration in Google Workspace to resolve issues. The service can also offer AI-driven recommendations in response to events.   

Google is going to work with system integrators like Deloitte, Pluto7 and TCS to help logistics-heavy companies -- in verticals like retail, manufacturing and healthcare -- deploy Supply Chain Twin. Supply Chain Twin and the Twin Pulse module are globally available now in restricted access.

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