Google Fit arrives on iOS: Focused activity on two smart goals

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch today and its success is due in large part to its fitness features. Google has been working to help people turn their activity into simple goals and now brings its platform to iOS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Late last summer Google released a major update to Google Fit with a focus on a couple of key metrics developed in partnership with the American Heart Association and World Health Organization. Today, Google announced that same revamped platform is now available for iOS users.

iOS users can download the new app (iTunes link) and see the same home screen found on Android devices. Move Minutes and Heart Points are the focus of the new Google Fit with Move Minutes measuring the amount of time you are moving around and not sitting still while Heart Points is a measure of more intense movement. Steps, calories, miles, and heart rate readings are also supported, as applicable.

Image: Google

Apps that you have connected to Apple Health will sync to Google Fit so you can capture and use that data on your preferred system while also trying out Google Fit to see if these two metrics resonate with the way you monitor and track your activity.

Workout sessions are synced through services to Google Fit so even if you use your Apple Watch to track your workout, you should see the data shown on Google Fit. The journal also shows your activity throughout the day and has done a great job of tracking my twice daily walks from and to my commuter train.

Google Fit is available today from the App Store for free. Given that there are not many Wear OS devices available and the Apple Watch is clearly the best smartwatch, it makes sense for Google to try to link up with this watch through Google Fit.

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