Google: Here's Fi's new 'unlimited' plan, but we'll cut speeds after 22GB usage

Google introduces a second Google Fi plan to give customers more predictable bills.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Google has added a new plan on top of its one and only Fi Flexible plan. It's called Unlimited but actually has limits. 

The price of the new Unlimited option on Google's Fi voice and data service depends on how many people are signed up to an individual plan and how much data they use. 

The Unlimited plan for one person costs $70 per month, while for two people it costs $120 per month or $60 a line, and the three-person plan costs $150 per month or $50 per line. The prices exclude taxes and government fees. 

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The plan provides high-speed data until an individual user reaches 22GB usage and after that speeds are reduced. According to Google, this cap will affect about 1% of Fi's current users.  

And the plan includes high-speed data and texts in over 200 countries around the world at no extra cost. 

There are also free calls to over 50 countries and territories, while calls to other destinations cost one cent per minute. And Google is throwing in Google One membership, which offers 100GB of cloud storage per member. 

Since Google Fi's launch in 2015, the business unit has only offered the Fi Flexible plan, which allows customers to pay for just the data they use. The Flexible plan for three users, for example, costs $17 for each user and then $10 per GB for data. Google One membership isn't included. 

However, Google says customers want more predictable payment arrangements. 

"As we've grown, we've heard that many of you want the simplicity and predictability that comes with paying the same price each month," said Dhwani Shah, product manager at Google Fi

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Google is even throwing in a sweetener on its Pixel 3 or Pixel XL phones. Until September 18 it will give 50% off a purchase when users activate an account on Google Fi. 

"Our Unlimited plan gives you peace of mind knowing that you can reach family and friends wherever they are, while keeping costs low," said Shah. 

"If you prefer to just pay for the data you use, our Flexible plan isn't going anywhere. And as always, Fi has no contracts or activation fees." 


The new Unlimited plan provides high-speed data until an individual user reaches 22GB usage. After that speeds are reduced.  

Image: Google
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