Google Maps and mobile search gain Q&A for business listings

Rolling out globally, users will be able to get their questions answered within local business listings on Google Maps and mobile search.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Google Maps new Q&A feature will be sorted by upvotes. (Image: Google)

Google on Wednesday announced an update to Google Maps for Android and mobile Search that will allow users to ask or answer questions under a local business listing.

The Q&A feature, now rolling out worldwide, will allow users and business owners to participate in the questions or simply view them to gather more information about the business. Users can up-vote questions found useful, and they will appear toward the top of the section.

In a blog post, Google explained business owners can add frequently asked questions and answers to provide need-to-know info to users.

Additionally, when a user asks a question about a place, Google notifies the business owner and other "in-the-know" users to see if they have knowledgeable answers to contribute. When your question is answered, Google will notify you, too.

The Q&A feature will join other content within local business listings like the phone number and popular times customers are at the place of business.

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