Google Photos update will help you easily manage your limited integrated storage

Most modern smartphones only have integrated storage and with more people using their phones as their primary camera this storage will get full much more quickly.

(Image: Google)

Millions use their smartphone as their primary camera and with integrated storage being the standard today, taking lots of photos and video can quickly fill up your available storage capacity.

Google announced an update to Google Photos that will let you easily delete local copies of photos and videos while providing you with peace of mind that this content is backed up online to Google Photos.

Matthew Miller

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The Google Photos update is rolling out now to Android and will be coming soon to iOS. I always worried about deleting the local copy since that would delete the online copy too. This new option is an option in the settings that lets you choose to free up space with a single tap.

You can also customize your settings so that Google Photos will keep track of your available storage and then notify you when space is running low. A setting can also be selected to remove local device copies of backed up photos older than 30 days.

You will still be able to see the online thumbnails of your photos and if there are photos or videos you want downloaded, then you can select those to redownload them to your device.

This control that Google Photos is now providing seems similar to what my Nextbit Robin will provide out of the box. This move by Google helps ease the pain of buying a ridiculous 16GB iPhone 6s and is a function I would like to see offered by all photo services.