Google shuts down Bump app for iPhone and Android

The popular contacts and file-sharing app will cease to work from the end of this month after Google decided the team behind it should focus on new projects.
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor on

Google is shutting down Bump, the popular contacts and file-sharing app for iPhone and Google Android handsets.

The app, which has been downloaded more than 125 million times, allows users to share contact details, photos, videos and other files by touching two phones together.

Bump CEO and co-founder David Lieb said Bump will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play on 31 January, after which the app will cease to work and all user data will be deleted.

Bump was acquired by Google in September last year and the app is being discontinued so the team behind it can focus on "new projects within Google", Lieb said.

The Flock app, made by the team behind Bump, will also be shut down on the same day. Flock is an app that makes it easier to share digital photo albums with friends or family.

Users of Bump and Flock will be able to export their data – such as photos, videos and contacts – from the apps during the next 30 days. Instructions on how to extract this data will be shown when a user runs Bump or Flock.

Image: Bump
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