Google acquires mobile contact, file-sharing app Bump

Bump, the contact and file-sharing app, will join Google. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but the startup said it has no plans to shutter any time soon.

Image: Bump

Google will acquire contact and file-sharing app Bump, the startup announced on its blog on Monday.

Bump co-founder and chief executive David Lieb said the company was "thrilled" to join Google, citing similar passions for sharing information between people and devices. 

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Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. That said, sources speaking to AllThingsD pegged the transaction as at least $30 million, or as much as $60 million.

The app allows iPhone and Android users to "bump" together two phones to share contact details and files between devices. Later versions also allowed phone users to "bump" phones with desktop computers.

In September 2011, the company announced it had 50 million downloaders and 10 million active "bumpers." Just less than a year later, more than 600 million photos were shared by "bumping" phones. Later it released an iPhone-only version photo-sharing app dubbed Flock (not to be confused with the social browser of the same name).

Unlike other services that Google has acquired and suddenly or eventually shuttered, Bump and Flock will "continue to work as they always have for now," Lieb said. But he noted in closing remarks to "stay tuned for future updates," hinting at an uncertain future.

Updated at 1:40 p.m. ET: with additionall transaction information.