Google to revolutionize how we travel,Ryanair boss says

If you're looking to score cheap deals on your future flights, Ryanair's CEO says that Google will one day be your first port of call.

Google and Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary are working on once-confidential plans to transform how we find and purchase airline tickets.

O'Leary, who is known for his lack of a censor button and has previously admitted his outspoken ways have impacted on the budget carrier's growth , told Irish publication the Sunday Independent that the tech giant is working with him to revolutionize the industry.

"There are some very exciting developments with Google, where we have been working with them on sharing the pricing," O'Leary said.

Skyscanner and TripAdvisor are popular ticket price comparison websites where users can input their destination and dates of travel to be given the cheapest travel prices currently available. However, according to the executive, Google is developing its own price-comparison system.

In addition, Ryanair plans to offer its tickets through Google outlets, and the project is expected to be live by March. O'Leary said:

"Google will say, 'Here are the fares,' then you click straight through to Ryanair or someone else. It blows everyone else out of the water."

The Ryanair chief also said that in coming years, technology will prove the catalyst for massive changes in the travel industry, prompted by the arrival of Big Data and mobile commerce. While travel itself won't change much, O'Leary expects distribution of sales to move to digital and mobile.

"In five years' time, everyone on Ryanair will be paying on their mobile. You'll pay for your drinks and snacks with your mobile. You'll upgrade to priority boarding on your mobile. We'll build individual profiles for each passenger. We'll know how often you fly, where you fly, who you fly with and we'll design individual packages for you."


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