GPT-4-generated pitches are 3x more likely to secure funding than human ones

Want to secure a hefty investment for your business? You may want to use an AI chatbot.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Acquiring investor funds is a crucial component of the success of many businesses. But it's easier said than done. Business professionals constantly present carefully put-together presentations for investors, only for many of them to be uninterested.

ChatGPT could help not only to get investors to take the bait but also to invest more money. 

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Creating pitch decks for investors is a demanding task as they must showcase the company's recent achievements in a compelling manner to attract investment. This involves presenting a thoughtful and promising business plan and trajectory.

Using an AI chatbot to create these decks, specifically GPT-4, reduces the time involved significantly. Although the time savings is impressive, it's important to examine the most important aspect -- the quality. 

Clarify Capital, a small business lender, asked 250 investors and 250 business owners to rate a set of human-created and GPT-4-generated pitch decks without letting the participants know that AI was involved.

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To make matters more interesting, the human-generated pitches were successful ones that had secured funding in the past. 

The results showed that GPT-4 pitches were overall more effective than those made by humans. The AI-generated pitches beat out human ones in quality, key element description, and problem description. 

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Clarify Capital

According to the survey, the investors and business owners were three times more likely to invest after reading the GPT-4 deck than the human one, and they found the AI-generated decks twice as convincing. 

Furthermore, one in five of those professionals said that they would invest $10,000 more in the AI-generated pitches. 

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The survey also tested the effectiveness of the decks across different industries, including finance, marketing, and investment. Unsurprisingly, across all of these industries, the GPT-4 decks were more successful in securing investments. 

The survey doesn't disclose which GPT-4-based AI chatbot the survey is using. However, if you are interested in trying GPT-4 for yourself, you can use Bing Chat for free or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

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