Hands-free kit reduces electro magnetic exposure

Hands-free mobiles reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, says government report

Health fears over hands-free mobiles were dismissed by a new Government report published Monday.

The report commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) confirms that using Personal Hands Free (PHF) kit with mobile phones substantially reduces exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The new evidence contradicts an earlier report by the Consumers' Association that found the wires leading from mobile earpieces to act as an antenna, concentrating three times the level of radiation to the brain.

E-minister Patricia Hewitt said in a statement that the "report confirms that hands-free kits reduce exposure for mobile phone users. It is important that the public is provided with clear and unambiguous advice about the use of hands-free kit."

The report concludes that hands-free equipment "offers very substantial reductions in SAR (Specific Absorption Ratio) compared to the normal use of a mobile held against the ear."

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