Hands-on with the CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus: Carry cards while using Apple Pay

Even with Apple Pay serving as your digital wallet, there remains the need for physical cards and that is where the Q Card Case comes in handy.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Apple iPhone accessory market is massive and as Apple Pay adoption and use increases iPhone cases with pockets to carry your ID and cash are worth consideration.

The folks at CM4 sent along two colors of their Q Card Case for the iPhone 6 Plus. The Q Card Case is available in black onyx, champagne gold, and pacific green for $39.99 each.

The Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus comes in a rugged retail package with a screen protector, screen cleaning cloth, and the case. A one year warranty is also provided with the Q Card Case so you can rest easy that it will perform for at least a year.

The Q Card Case is constructed of soft touch rubber with a stitched fabric pocket on the back. There are openings on the bottom for the headphone jack, Lightning port, and speaker. An opening on the left side provides access to the ringer switch with openings on the back for the camera and flash.

The power and volume buttons are covered, but natural throw buttons are provided that make using them as easy as if they were buttons.

The primary reason for purchasing such a case is for the rear card storage slot. You can fit up to three cards in the back slot, but my office access key card is a bit thick so I could only fit two cards in the back, including this thick access card.

Since I am using Apple Pay with several credit cards and my bank, I really only need my driver's license and ORCA transit card so that is what I am carrying in the Q Card Case now.

The sides of the case provide solid corner and side protection while also adding some grip to the iPhone 6 Plus. Very little bulk or weight is added due to the case.

Sometimes cases have thickness on the rear that tend to obscure the flash on the camera. CM4 minimized the thickness on the upper part of the case so that there is no impact to flash photography.

One reason I have been using the Seidio Surface is because of the kickstand functionality. CM4 came up with a unique way to provide this capability. You simply place a credit card into the back slot above the credit card pocket and then rotate your iPhone into landscape orientation. The card props up your phone in a comfortable viewing position.

A screen protector is also included and was easy to add to my iPhone 6 Plus.

If you want to carry your iPhone 6 Plus as your digital wallet, then the Q Card Case from CM4 is a great option to consider. Even thought the folks in Iowa may soon be able to have their driver's license on their iPhones, the rest of us still have to carry around a physical card and this case works well for that functionality.

CM4 Q Card Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (in pictures)

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