Apple Pay responsible for 1 percent of November digital payments, Google Wallet garners 4 percent

A recent ITG research report indicates that people are adopting Apple Pay. Google Wallet is also doing better than expected and Apple's awareness of mobile payments may be helping.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I enjoy using Apple Pay on my iPhone 6 Plus and according to an ITG investment research report Apple Pay is having a significant affect on mobile payments.

The report states that Apple Pay was responsible for 1 percent of the digital payment dollars spent in the month of November, that included Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Google Wallet accounted for 4 percent of digital payment dollars, which I think is actually quite encouraging considering Google Wallet is still not that well known to consumers. Apple's active ad campaigns for Apple Pay may actually be helping Google Wallet due to mobile payment awareness increasing. It seems like a great time for Google to start advertising Google Wallet, along with their enjoyable Android ads.

Data from the report shows that iPhone customers find merchants who accept Apple Pay and then return to use that same merchant again, which follows common sense. 60 percent of Apple Pay customers used Apple Pay on multiple days in November. This indicates that people are likely having decent experiences and continuing to find vendors where they can use Apple Pay.

Speaking of retailers who support Apple Pay, the top five Apple Pay retailers include Whole Foods, Walgreens, McDonald's, Panera Bread, and Subway. It seems that Rite-Aid didn't make the smartest move by killing off Apple Pay and Google Wallet support.

Thanks to 9to5Mac for the heads-up and link to the report.

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