Hillary TV: Will 'User Generated Politics' get Clinton to the White House?

Can Hillary Clinton really win on a "conversation."
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

A Digital Markets Blog political announcement: The 2007 campaign for the presidency of the United States will mark the prime-time debut of what I will be calling:


“All politics is local,” the old saying goes. “Every vote counts” is another favorite.

My debut post at this Digital Markets Blog showcased “local markets of one.” What is the ultimate, high-stakes “local market of one”? Each and every voter in the U.S. presidential election, as Al Gore can attest to!

Presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton is hoping to have a “conversation” with each and every voting “local market of one.” 

Clinton is embarking on a “User Generated Politics” campaign extraordinaire. 

Tens of thousands of people have already engaged Clinton in her “conversation” to the White House, as I discuss in “Yahoo: 36,147 people tell Hillary Clinton what to do.”


Hillary Clinton looks to Bill Clinton for presidential campaigning advice. Hillary Rodham, however, is forging a different path to the White House than the one Bill navigated.


Bill Clinton is a supreme campaigner and is known for enjoying pressing the flesh, literally. Experienced campaigner Hillary Clinton is also well-versed in connecting with the “people."


On October 3, 1991, Bill Clinton declared his candidacy for President of the United States via live rally, by addressing throngs of supporters at the Old State House, Little Rock, Arkansas. His wife, Hillary, was at his side:


Thank you all for being here today, for your friendship and support, for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Governor for 11 years, for filling my life full of blessings beyond anything I ever deserved.


I want to thank especially Hillary and Chelsea for taking this big step in our life's journey together. Hillary, for being my wife, my friend, and my partner in our efforts to build a better future for the children and families of Arkansas and America…


All of you, in different ways, have brought me here today, to step beyond a life and a job I love, to make a commitment to a larger cause: Preserving the American Dream…



What is Clinton's "User Generated Politics" campaign strategy? 


On January 20, 2007, Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy for President of the United States via Hillary TV, by posting a pre-recorded one minute and 43 second video monologue at her campaign Website. Her husband, Bill, was not at her side:

I'm not just starting a campaign,  I'm beginning a conversation -- with you, with America…

So let's talk. Let's chat. Let's start a dialogue about your ideas and mine. Because the conversation in Washington has been just just a little one-sided lately, don't you think? And we can all see how well that works.

And while I can't visit everyone's living room, I can try. And with a little help from modern technology...

So let the conversation begin. I have a feeling it's going to be very interesting.

I do to. That is why I will be following the Clinton "conversation" to the White House, here, at this Digital Markets Blog. Presidential race 2007:

The rise of “USER GENERATED POLITICS,” at Digital Markets.

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