How much are businesses actually investing in AI?

This short survey seeks to understand AI investment, enterprise-wide AI progress, resistance to AI, how businesses plan to use AI, and AI-related workforce issues.
Written by Courtney Sato, Contributor

Constellation Research is conducting a survey to find out how much businesses are investing in AI and how those investments might impact the organization.

If you are an individual with authority or influence over technology strategy in your organization please take this short survey by January 10, 2018. The survey contains 17 multiple-choice questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The survey seeks to understand: what are the drivers of business investment in AI; how much are businesses investing in AI; at what stage of implementation are businesses in their implementations; what are businesses using AI to accomplish; is there resistance to the adoption of AI; and how will AI impact the workforce.

For the purposes of this survey, Constellation defines artificial intelligence as the culmination of technologies such as deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and big data/predictive analytics to produce software that is self-improving, automatic, and emulates human intelligence.

Take the Constellation Research 2018 AI Survey here. Constellation will send survey participants a summary of the survey data.

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