How will quantum computing impact your industry?

Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us if your company has a use for quantum computing as a service.
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Actual quantum computers may be in their infancy, but academia and startups such as D-Wave Systems and 1QBit, as well as enterprise research labs at Google and IBM hope to make this a reality as they race to create the next generation of high-performance computing for business use.

The goal of quantum computing is to provide faster computational solutions to problems now handled by supercomputers. For example, quantum computing may offer solutions to the auto manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries or to fields like cryptography, artificial intelligence, and many more.

Take the quantum computing survey.

What quantum computers will--and won't--be able to do is the focus of an upcoming special report from TechRepublic Premium. We want to hear from you. Take the TechRepublic quantum computing quantum computing survey and let us know how quantum computing will impact your company or industry. 

You'll be asked five or fewer survey questions such as if your company has use for quantum computing as a service, what company do you think is farthest along with quantum computing, and how well do you understand quantum computing, as well as a couple demographic questions. 

Data from this quantum computing survey will be used in an upcoming TechRepublic Premium report. 

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