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There are working machines today that perform some small part of what a full quantum computer may eventually do. But what are the real-world applications for quantum computing?

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AMD Ryzen Pro 4000: First look

AMD Ryzen Pro 4000: First look

AMD is pitching its new Ryzen PRO 4000 processors as "the new standard for modern business PCs" offering what is claimed to be the best performing processor, the most advanced technology, and, perhaps more significant for business, the most modern security.

May 7, 2020 by

Should your business become 'quantum safe?'

Security providers are already calling it “Y2K II.” It’s the unknown date when all encrypted communications can be easily broken by a simple quantum computing algorithm. Bets are being taken on when that date will take place. There are efforts to replace the world’s encryption systems. But is there really an active threat to the world’s intelligence? ZDNet’s Scott Fulton asks, who can actually use a quantum computer to expose the world? Read more: https://zd.net/3ptucFj

June 3, 2021 by

Quantum with non-quantum hardware, a new frontier

Tiernan Ray tells Karen Roby the Montreal-based startup InfinityQ has taken an approach to computing borrowed from artificial intelligence and used it to achieve quantum-style results on an analog chip. The company is offering a cloud-based service but also will sell on-premise equipment to anyone who wants to solve optimization problems such as the traveling salesman. Read more: https://zd.net/34liIK0

May 26, 2021 by

Could what you say on Twitter change your voting district’s boundaries?

An investigation into using quantum computers for political predictions leads to a curious discovery: Someone may have been using high-performance algorithms to redraw congressional districts in at least one US state. ZDNet’s Scott Fulton tells our Karen Forrest how this could happen, and connects the dots with a university experiment on the predictive power of political sentiment on social media. Read more: http://zd.net/3eqTeB7

March 10, 2021 by