HTC Gallery update for One (M8) provides web interaction with Duo Effects

HTC's Duo Camera strategy is unique and with today's Gallery update users can share some of the camera effects with people via social networks, email, and other means.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

HTC's latest One smartphones provide slick camera software, but family and friends don't always get to enjoy the photos like you do on your HTC One (M8). A new HTC Gallery update was just released that lets you share links to Duo Camera images that people can actually interact with in their web browser.

The web interface doesn't give people all of the functions on the One, but does give them the ability to change the focus point and switch what parts of the image have affects applied. You can share UFocus, Foregrounder, and Dimension Plus with anyone via email, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

The process is not necessarily intuitive, but quite easy. Take a photo, choose to edit it in Duo Effects mode, and then select UFocus, Foregrounder, and Dimension Plus. You then tap the share icon and choose Link, followed by where you want to share out that link. The important step is after you make these choices and share it you need to pull down the notification shade and select the uploaded image to specify exactly where the image goes and what text goes with it. This is the part I missed the first couple of times.

You cannot share the edited image later and must go back to the original image and follow these steps again if you decide to share it elsewhere.

Images uploaded are stored on Google Drive so Gallery must be authorized to use Google Drive. When you click to manage your Duo Effecs Gallery you will be taken to your Google Drive account.

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