Huawei plans investment in emerging economies

The Chinese tech giant wants to strengthen partnerships with local telcos to boost infrastructure and develop business opportunities

Chinese technology giant Huawei wants to make further investments in the emerging economies where it operates in order to unlock more business opportunities.

The company wants to strengthen partnerships with telecommunications operators in countries including Brazil to maximize networking resources, expand residential broadband coverage and foster the development of connected devices for final consumers.

According to Huawei's annual Global Connectivity Index (GCI) each point of increase in the ranking, a country improved its innovation capacity by 2.2 percent, competitiveness by 2,1 percent and productivity at 2.3 percent.

Last year's GCI ranked Brazil 30th in terms of investments and roll-outs needed to create a favorable environment for driving an economy that is based on digital computing technologies.

Despite the fact that some emerging economies such as Brazil are relatively stagnant in terms of connectivity, William Xu, Huawei's executive director and head of marketing, stressed that operators are "in a unique position to invest in these markets to take advantage of the immense potential of ICT, demographic data and national strategies that haven't yet been explored."

"Huawei is committed to helping operators increase efficiency and foster profitable growth by supporting the development of emerging markets," Xu told the media today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

"Together, Huawei and operators will encourage new revenue streams and a positive business cycle in service development and network building," Xu added, without specifying details of such agreements that might be in place in the emerging countries where it operates.

According to the company, the current emerging markets scenario was analyzed to formulate a strategic approach for these partnerships, which is based on the rapid deployment of residential broadband and enablement of domestic devices to enhance user coverage and experience.

Within that plan, existing network resources would be leveraged to maximize network value and spectrum efficiency, improve operations and maintenance set-up and cater for each consumer bracket.