I am now the 3rd co-host of the MobileTechRoundup show

MobileTechRoundup just posted show number 54 and I am now co-hosting with James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel. If you are interested in mobile devices, gadgets, and any other cool gadgets and gizmos then I hope you check out the show. It is available directly or on iTunes too so get on over and hear about the Samsung Q1 UMPC, Nokia N91, and more on show 54.

I am a huge fan of gadget podcasts and one of my favorite for the last several months has been the MobileTechRoundup show. The show has had a direct influence on some of my purchases, like the Plantronics DSP headset/microphone and Samsung Q1, and I always found it to be one of the highest quality shows on the internet. James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel posted that they were looking for a new third host a couple weeks ago and since I have been wanting to get started in podcasting I sent in a bio and proposal to them.

I was extremely pleased to chat with James and Kevin and then get the email that they would like me to join the show as the third co-host. We just recorded our first show a couple days ago and you can now check it out here.

I hope you enjoy the show and would love to get your feedback, thoughts on how I can improve my contributions, and any ideas or things you would like to hear on future shows. The show airs twice a week (usually Tuesday and Friday or Saturday).