IBM CEO Krishna: Every company will be an AI company

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna laid out how he wants a more entrepreneurial culture to help customers meet their cloud, digital transformation and AI objectives.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said that digital transformation has been accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and ultimately "every company will become an AI company."

Krishna, speaking during a keynote to kick off IBM's Think Digital 2020 conference, reiterated comments made on the company's most recent earnings conference call. IBM's virtual conference includes curriculum and sessions grouped by topics such as quantum computing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, remote work and AI.


While it wasn't surprising the Krishna outlined IBM's AI tools to manage IT infrastructure as well as hybrid cloud and edge computing products with Red Hat, the CEO outlined how he wants the company to evolve.

Key items from Krishna:

  • IBM is looking to further its leadership in technology you can trust with a heavy dose of open source as a base.
  • "We'll have a more entrepreneurial culture."
  • "It will be easier to work with us."
  • "IBM will support your journeys" through hybrid cloud, AI and industry specific use cases.
  • "We will continue to know your industry and opportunities and give you technology you need to see to deliver to your clients."
  • AI will be a key reason customers work with IBM. "Every company will become an AI company. Not because they can, but because they must. AI is the only way to scale expertise," he said.

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