IBM launches z13s, entry mainframe with enhanced security

The z13s is designed for hybrid cloud deployments and can encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as the previous version.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM on Tuesday launched the z13s, which is a mainframe aimed at mid-sized companies and includes a bevy of security features.

The z13 is designed to bring the mainframe's security practices to hybrid cloud deployments. The security included in the z13s include:

  • Cryptography features built into hardware that can encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as predecessor systems.
  • Mainframe security technology that's bundled with IBM security software. IBM is also including its Cyber Security Analytics service to z Systems.
  • Security partners for z Systems that include BlackRidge, Forcepoint and RSM Partners.

IBM has continually refreshed its mainframe line for companies that need to crunch transactions at scale. In recent years, the z line has added access to APIs and various microservices.

For IBM, the z13s is the new entry-level mainframe. The systems will be available in March.

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